Protein (or not) Mug Cake

I have had a daily craving for cake lately, which does not bode well since I am currently on my mission. Thankfully this mug cake concoction entered my life! It’s delicious, simple and takes care of my cravings without breaking the macro bank. It does take a little prep but lasts awhile.

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My Health Journey – Week 3


Health Journey - Week 3

You’ll see by my measurements below that my start hasn’t necessarily gone completely as I hoped. This wasn’t entirely unexpected because there are points I need to improve on. I am happy that I stayed focused and I’ve seen benefits.

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Journey to Health – the Beginning

Journey to Health - the Beginning

I’ve finally started my journey toward a healthy lifestyle. As promised, I will be documenting my progress here. This is part one of Journey to Health.

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3 Cardio Workouts That Won’t Bore You

3 cardio workouts that won't bore you

While I love to weightlift, cardio is not my favorite thing. I do it because I understand the benefits but it takes a lot of willpower. A good thing about this form of exercise though is that options are limitless – cardio machines, dancing, aerobics, biking, walking, running. Basically, you can turn anything into cardio if you have the mind to. Keep reading for a few ideas to get your heart rate up.

Sidenote – I talked about getting my healthy lifestyle back on track and the time has come to put my plan in action. Beginning Sunday, September 10th, I will be giving a weekly update that will include my workout split, macros, measurements, pictures and thoughts for the week.

Treadmill interval training

On the days I step on the treadmill, I really have to push myself to maximize my time. Interval training is the best way for me to get through the task at hand and have a little fun. This is my current favorite.

Quick -No Equipment- Workout #1

I don’t always have a ton of time so I like this one because I can get it done in 10 -15 minutes. To really feel it, repeat x 3.

Quick -No Equipment- Workout #2

My kids like to do this one with me to see who can last the longest. Anything plank related is harder than it looks!

My earliest cardio memory is Sweatin’ to the Oldies. There’s a piece of nostalgia for ya! What is your favorite form of cardio?