Do You Have Instant Pot Recipes?

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It does not seem like it’s been over two months since I last posted! I’m pretty sure I used a similar sentence the last time I posted too so this is where I ask you to please accept me.  🙂 Time flies when you’re having fun, huh?! In reality, I needed some time to lay low and have a “this too shall pass” moment… that turned into weeks.  Things are back to normal now and I’m refocusing on working toward accomplishing goals and living life.

A Recent Highlight

In fact, I’m happy to report that one goal has been accomplished. I interviewed for a “promotion” at work and got it. I am so excited to have more challenge in my day-to-day and it comes with a small but much-needed pay increase. The anticipation though, let me tell you. I was on pins and needles waiting to hear back.

Instant Pot Recipes Needed

I received a gift card for a Christmas gift and decided to jump on the Instant Pot bandwagon with it. I decided to go with the Crockpot Express Multicooker though, primarily due to cost and brand recognition, and it has taken up residence on the counter, which is a pretty big deal because I like my counters to be clear and small appliances usually live in a cupboard.  I’m currently experimenting and welcome any ideas and suggestions! So far, I’ve made a few chicken dishes and meal prepped, all of which has turned out amazing.

Health Update

Blah. I have made no headway in my health endeavors, but I also didn’t make things worse so I’ll take it. I don’t really have much to update on this outside of every night, I swear I’m going to do better the next day. By morning, I’ve completely forgotten. Willpower, where are you??

That’s all I’ve got for today but more is coming soon. Bring on those Instant Pot recipes! 🙂