My Health Journey – Week 3

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Health Journey - Week 3

You’ll see by my measurements below that my start hasn’t necessarily gone completely as I hoped. This wasn’t entirely unexpected because there are points I need to improve on. I am happy that I stayed focused and I’ve seen benefits.


Weight 221.5 lbs     BMI 41.8    Fat % 46.7% 

I use the Fitbit Aria.

Meal  Planning

Current daily macros: Carbs: 164 G per day | Protein: 164 G per day | Fats: 37 G per day. I use this macro calculator.

  • Over the last two weeks, I frequently went over my carbs and under on protein so this is going to be a focus point.
  • I came across a Spicy Black Bean Soup recipe that is amazing for lunch. I did forego the blending.
  • My Fitness Pal is where I track all my meals. If you use this as well, feel free to send me a friend request! 

Exercise plan

kettlebell routine x 4 days | treadmill workout or other cardio x 5

How I’m Feeling – Week Three of My Health Journey

I’m feeling good about the work I’ve put in so far with tracking my macros and exercise. I don’t feel that my stress level has really changed but I think that I’ve been channeling it better. I’m going to put a little more effort into my workouts, watch my macros and see what the week brings!

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