Simple Tips for Easy Mornings

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Simple Tips for Easier Mornings

Mornings can be tough around here, especially during the school year. I am a fan of the snooze button. I’m also a master at convincing myself of anything when I’m half- asleep. Guys, I’m telling you, it’s crazy! So needless to say, I am not a morning person and I’ve passed this trait on to my kids. I’ve learned that a routine is absolutely essential if I want to get my school age kids on the bus, my preschooler where he needs to be and myself to work on time. Preferably all  in a calm and happy manner.

Basic structure is what it boils down to, which I can’t say we’ve always had. It isn’t rigid by any means. Our routine begins once the kids get home after school and carries over into the following morning which may sound like a lot but in reality, it isn’t. They all have time for fun in between. We adapt it based on whatever is going on in our lives at the time but it basically looks like this. Overall, our routine has definitely helped to cut down on the a.m. chaos.

After school the night before

  • Chores happen immediately once the kids get home. These don’t take long, 5-10 minutes at the most.
  • Next is 30 minutes of down time, then they get out any homework. More downtime follows until dinner is ready.
  • I prepare lunches while I’m making dinner or during cleanup.
    • We have a system that allows the older three to choose the days they eat a school lunch or cold lunch. I print off the monthly school lunch calendar so that we can run through it, highlighting their chosen school lunch days. I then know who needs a cold lunch without any surprises.
  • Bathing happens every day here, shortly after dinner. I’ve got a pre-teen, a girly girl and two rambunctious boys so it’s a necessity.
    • Since there are four of them, if they all took showers or baths at night, there would be constant fights over hot water. Thankfully, two of them like to take showers in the morning (which also helps wake them up).
  • Set out the next days clothes, down to socks and shoes. I’m sure the dryer eats our socks but can anyone tell me where the shoes go?
  • Read before bedtime. All of my school aged kids have reading requirements for school so this takes care of that and helps them wind down.
  • I set out whatever may be needed to help with breakfast the next day – bowls, spoons, etc..

The morning of

  • I wake up early enough to get my stuff done before I get any of them up. I do this in stages with the first that needs to shower getting up first and so on.
  • They don’t have much to do in the mornings – get dressed, eat breakfast, brush their teeth and hair, that’s about it!
  • In order for each of them to be awake, dressed and fed before the bus arrives, it all starts about an hour before they typically leave. My goal is to have my youngest in his car seat as the kids are waiting by the curb for the bus to pull up.

Easy mornings are the norm around here lately! I am so thankful this is working for my family because we aren’t frantically running around the house to start out the day anymore.We definitely thrive on structure! How do you and your family make early mornings easier?

4 thoughts on “Simple Tips for Easy Mornings

  1. I love this post! I have an 11 year-old, a 9-year old and a 1 year old and mornings are also crazy at my house. I definitely need to start doing preparations the day before because I’m also not a morning person! Starting today actually. Thanks for the tips, they were so helpful!

  2. Great post! I started doing a similar routine with my kids and we now have an extra 20 minutes of downtime every morning. It is so much nicer to not be rushing around!

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